Castrol - industrial

Castrol is considered the first specialized international supplier of lubrication solutions.

UOMA - Used Oil Management Association
(SOGHU in Quebec)

UOMA oversees the recovery and reclamation of used oil, oil containers and filters.
CSOHS – Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
The CSOHS’s mission is to promote occupation health and safety by providing information and advice on all work environment aspects.
In order to diversify the products we offer our automotive and commercial clients, we signed a distribution agreement with Irving, giving us the right to distribute the company’s products in the province of Quebec.


We also distribute Irving brand lubricants in the province of Quebec to better serve our commercial and industrial clients.


Under a strategic agreement with Castrol’s industrial division, we are the exclusive distributor of Castrol products for the machining and metal processing sectors in Quebec and the maritime provinces.

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